Storm Out Over the Ocean

One day while my husband and I were vacationing in Belize we were casually walking along the beach. It was midday, but because the area is so rural, and our resort was quite a distance away from the town, the beach was secluded. It was just him and me as far as we could see.  We were taking our time strolling the beach, enjoying a beautiful day engaged in great conversation.

All of a sudden, a storm formed out over the ocean. We watched as the sky started growing dark fairly quickly. We had not reached the point on the beach that we had eyeballed as our “turn around” point, but we felt anxious about heading back. We could tell by the winds that were picking up, and the growing darkness, that the storm was moving our way. And it was coming fast. It was still a good distance away, but because there was nothing but water and sky between us and the bad weather, it would reach us in no time, if we didn’t hurry.

There’s a storm out over the ocean

and it’s moving this ‘away

If your soul’s not anchored in Jesus

it will surely drift away.

This is an old song that I used to hear sang in church as a child growing up. The words are so true. Just like my husband and I walking on the beach, unsuspecting of the storm that was coming, life can be the same way. Things seemingly come up out of nowhere. If your life is not grounded on the Word of God (“anchored in Jesus”), the storms of life can be overwhelming. If you are just a casual believer of Christ, storms of life can cause you to drift away from your faith.

The encouragement today is to see the storm in life, take heed to the signs, and turn back quickly to the Lord.


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